Strategy + Public Relations + Media + Events


Strategy + Public Relations + Media + Events


We are LBPR.

Think of us as conversation starters. We get the people that matter talking about you. We’re all about creating compelling human connections, making strong impressions and fostering amazing relationships.

We don’t believe in waiting for opportunities; we create them!

We are globally experienced opportunity finders and problem-solvers. More than at your service, we are part of your team and actively contribute to your business strategy.

A word from our Founder and MD...

"Public Relations is an outdated term. Today it's all about People Relations. We now have the technology and the insight to understand our audiences more deeply than ever before so we should expect more from our PR. Personalised, inter-connected messaging and sharing helps individuals and organisations truly understand each other. I whole-heartedly believe it is possible to achieve our clients' business goals through the power of compelling human connections."

LISA BURLING, Founder and Managing Director, LBPR

Our Values

Our values are our DNA and guide every decision we make - for ourselves and our clients.


Without challenge, there is no change.

What can we do today to get you where you want to be tomorrow?

You can expect from us results-driven guidance, strategic thinking and structured implementation - depending on your exact needs, of course. That might be an interview on national television, a popular Instagram hashtag that goes viral, ensuring a bubbling potential media issue doesn’t turn into a full-blown crisis, or an event that knocks the socks off your investors.

Cheap publicity stunts aren’t our thing. We are focused on quality, the big picture and leaving a lasting impression with a meaningful message.