Everything is connected. Connected is everything.

At LBPR, we are storytellers. We simply love words, like an accountant loves numbers (we imagine). 

We craft your story, and tell it with so much conviction and heart that your audience can’t help but take notice, make the connection, get it and get you. 

The right story-telling at the right time by the right people can inspire meaningful connections, conversations and actions. It can convince people that science is compelling, that they can set sail towards new horizons, or that their pet’s health needs extra consideration. 

Human beings have an innate curiosity about anything that can enrich life or make it easier. If your audience gets an inkling that you can do either of those two things for them, they will listen to your story.

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Want to know how?


Everything we do begins with strategy, guided by business objectives and driven at full throttle by a vision. Our best work hinges on getting to know who you are, your challenges and opportunities, and objectives. After that, you can expect from us honesty, creativity, clear messaging and results.

Public Relations

Positive media coverage achieved by introducing true innovation, raising topics that should be hot, shaping thought-provoking debate and managing crisis situations.

Stakeholder Engagement

We find your advocates and nurture them. Communicating your worth, inspiring opportunities for growth, and fostering trust, respect and buy-in.


As effective as they are entertaining - make a splash and make in-roads. We take it from concept to reality, handling every aspect of event management from the creative theme to guest lists.

Digital Influencers & Online Engagement

You can't afford not to have a digital presence. You need to get involved - and people expect you to meet them where they are. This means social media, online content and engagement with digital influencers like bloggers.


It's the bigger piece of the puzzle and we can do that too! We work with our clients to create innovative and results-driven marketing strategies and tactical plans. We can also execute them on their behalf, operating as a true extension of their team.