PR is what others say about you.

If you’re ever talking to a member of the LBPR team about client relationships, you’ll hear the same thing over and over again: “We work best when we are treated as an extension of our client’s team.”

We like you to see us as an in-house PR team that happens to sit in a different office - possibly in another state/territory of Australia or even another country. We don’t take on every potential client that approaches us; ensuring alignment on values and an understanding of what PR can – and cannot do – is paramount. Plus, it’s really important we like each other. All of our clients genuinely make us smile every day. 

When we ask our clients to tell us why they choose LBPR, there’s a common theme….”you know our business just like we do”, “your strategic thinking and counsel is always spot on”…”we love your balance of creativity and realism”…”in an industry where the value of results can be questioned, you left no doubt”.  

What to find out more? As we’re in the business of fostering human connections, we’d be happy to put you in touch with one of our current clients so you can hear what we are like to partner with straight from the horse’s mouth.* 

{*Please note: none of our clients are horses].