One Degree with Lisa BI’m a broadcast journalist by degree and a passionate storyteller at heart.

It dawned on me in early that I truly miss the thrill of interviewing people. At about the same time, I realised I have direct access to some amazing humans - through my PR consultancy LBPR, and through my personal networks.

I felt an undeniable push to capture on video these conversations so EVERYONE can hear what I do. To be that one degree of separation between you and these phenomenal people. To provoke thought, inspire, and give you an insight into WHO they really are and WHY they do what they do.

The name “One Degree with Lisa B” came to me in a dream (as almost all good ideas do 😊).

Forget bland business interviews. You’ll get no more than 10 minutes of chat and every person I’ve spoken to for this first series has revealed something personal, something surprising - and on occasion - something for the first time.

A huge shout out to my partners in crime on this - Gerardo Ceres, Nathan Chapman and all the team at Relativity Studios.


If you've ever read Jim Collins book, "Good to Great", you'll know what I mean when I describe my fifth One Degree with Lisa B guest as Level 5 Leader - one who displays a unique combination of fierce resolve and humility.

I have had the pleasure of working with Michael Bassingthwaighte AM - the much admired and loved CEO of one of Australia's leading private healthcare insurers, Peoplecare - through my PR consultancy, LBPR. I've also had the honour of getting advice and insights from him one on one...and now you ALL get to hear what he has shared with me.

Michael was made the CEO of Peoplecare at the young age of 29, and has achieved enormous success with his talented team since then.

It's a privilege to have him share his wisdom with me, and now all of you, through One Degree with Lisa B. Thank you so much Michael!

[And thank you to Gerardo Ceres and the Relativity Studios team for making it look great!].


It's not often - if ever - you get the chance to have an honest conversation with someone who is at the top of their game and changing the world we live in, through their absolute commitment to seeing justice served in this world.

Now you have the chance to meet George Newhouse, one of Australia's most talented human rights lawyers - the man behind many of our country's most high profile legal cases in this field. Now heading up the National Justice Project, George stands up for those who can't always stand up for themselves - including indigenous Australians, asylum seekers and refugees.

As with all my One Degree interviews, I ask the questions that perhaps haven't been asked before, to get to the person behind the persona.

This is one very special interview with many, many gems. Thank you George for your willingness to lift the veil on the realities of doing what you do, for the good of us all. 


It's my pleasure to share with this honest, raw and real conversation with Australian media personality, and friend, Mel Greig.

Mel is very open about growing up, her path to fame and success on commercial radio, and the last few years which have brought heartache but also huge amounts of personal growth and learning.

She has done, and continues to do, so much good for the world through National Troll Free Day and as an ambassador for Endometriosis Australia.

I enjoyed every moment of our chat, and I'm sure you will too.

[Thank you to Gerardo Ceres and the Relativity Studios team for making it look].


It's my pleasure to share with you the wisdom of the man behind the title and success - Australian business leader, and Chair & Founder of Trajan Scientific and Medical, Stephen Tomisich.

Stephen is a man of contrasts. When you’re with him, you just know there is more than meets the eye.

He is unapologetically determined and impressive – a business man with an enviable track record of building pioneering and profitable commercial enterprises in Australia that extend to the global stage.

But Stephen is also a dedicated family man, with a highly creative brain that still harbours a desire to be a writer, should his corporate success end one day (unlikely as that is!).

In fact, Stephen is OUR one degree of separation from the Prime Minister of Australia; Malcolm Turnbull was so impressed with Trajan's work with academia in the innovation space he connected with Stephen and has visited Trajan's Melbourne HQ to understand more.

Enjoy this very special episode of One Degree with Lisa B. Comments and observations welcome below and any questions will be passed to Stephen himself.


It's with great excitement I put the first ever "One Degree with Lisa B" interview out into the world!

Meet Jo Burston - serial entrepreneur, Founder of women's entrepreneurial movement Inspiring Rare Birds, and someone who can't help but make a massive difference to this planet with her energy, intelligence and vision.

Grab a notebook. Listen hard. Prepare to be inspired.